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Sensual Oasis Luxury


Day Retreat

$350 Early Bird until 3/15
$399 after 3/15

Join us for a day of indulgence, connection, and self-love. This retreat is designed exclusively for femmes and those who identify as femme—a safe space where you can explore your sensuality, nourish your body, and embrace your inner goddess.

Retreat Highlights

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Retreat Facilitators Jax & Robin Denise


You’ll have unlimited access to Pleasure Coaches Robin Denise and Jax. An hour session with them typically costs 200+, today you have access to them, their coaching techniques, and their tool bag for over 9 hours. Ask them what you want, as they are there to support you!

Transformative Workshops

Where your inner radiance flourishes...


Pleasure Vision Boarding

Dive into the realm of pleasure and desire. In this workshop, we’ll craft vision boards that go beyond dreams—they’ll be a roadmap to your most fulfilling experiences. Learn to listen closely for your inner “Yes” as Jax and Robin Denise guide you to curate images, words, and symbols that ignite your senses. Whether it’s a tropical getaway, a passionate romance, or a creative endeavor, your pleasure vision board will guide you toward a life that resonates with your deepest desires.


Self-Pleasure as Ritual

Self-pleasure isn’t just a concept; it’s a sacred practice. Join us in creating rituals that honor your worthiness. We’ll set the scene—soft lighting, soothing music, and aromatic candles—as you step into your cocoon of self-care. Intention-setting becomes an art form, weaving affirmations and intentions into your being. Embrace the power of self-love as you build a sanctuary within yourself, where compassion, acceptance, and healing thrive.


Mirror Work with Dance & Movement

Mirrors become portals to self-discovery. In this workshop, we’ll hand out elegant hand mirrors—your personal looking glass. As you gaze into your reflection, let dance and movement be your language. Express your sensuality, vulnerability, and strength. The mirror becomes a witness to your beauty, your curves, and your essence. Whether you sway gracefully or unleash wild energy, this is your moment to celebrate the divine being that stares back at you.


Guided Meditative Masturbation with Post-Meditation Relaxation

Close your eyes and journey inward. Our skilled meditation guide will lead you through a tranquil meditation experience. Breathe in serenity, exhale tension. Explore the landscapes of your mind—the rolling hills of peace, the babbling brooks of clarity. Afterward, sink into post-meditation relaxation. Soft blankets envelop you, and soothing music cradles your senses. It’s a gentle return to the present, leaving you rejuvenated and centered.

May 05, 2024, 9:30 AM
DMV Area

Meet your Pleasure Facilitators

Pleasure Coaches Robin Denise and Jax are one of kind spirits. They believe that pleasure is your birthright. They have a passion to support and guide you into harnessing the inherent pleasure that resides within. 

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