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P4- The Pleasure Series

The series to guide the discovery & understanding of your pleasure.

  • 45 min
  • Read Service Descrip
  • Virtual

Service Description

4 virtual sessions, 45 min each Price: $399* OR Payment Plan* (see below) Session Frequency: weekly (you'll schedule your first session during check out) Sessions: Reiki, Pleasure Mapping, Pleasure Lineage and the Pleasure Wheel. Reiki is an ancient energetic healing practice that is a safe, non-invasive form of healing that balances chakras, clears energy blockages and aids in healing. We start here to understand what’s happening energetically and spiritually so we can create a clear path forward. Pleasure Mapping is the process of spending intentional time with yourself and your body to understand your unique pleasure points. Pleasure mapping allows you to slow down, hold space for yourself, freely explore different sensations and understand which ones truly turn you on. With this practice, you learn to: • Set up a sensual space • Awaken and invite more sensation into your body • Slow down and receive nurturing self-touch • Learn how you like to be touched, where and exactly the pressure, speed, etc. • Now that you know, you can more easily articulate this to a lover, and get the touch you’ve been craving. • Uncover the depths of your sensuality, and the depths of how much pleasure your body has access to. Pleasure lineage involves tracing back the ways pleasure has shown up in your life- from past experiences to how our ancestors experienced and understood pleasure. Understanding and loving your lineage is a crucial step to enacting your self-love journey. You'll discover: • cultural practices, rituals, and beliefs related to pleasure • how mentors, friends, authors, or even fictional characters have influenced your understanding of pleasure. • the root of your views on sensuality, intimacy, and joy. Pleasure Wheel is a visual representation of pleasure. Based upon what we've learned about your body and your desires, the pleasure wheel helps categorize your pleasures. In this session we'll create your own pleasure wheel. This wheel sets you up for continued success. So, in times when you are unsure what or how to access pleasure you can spin the wheel and implement one of the strategies. Payment Options & Secure Payment Links: Pay in Full: $399 * at Payment Plan: two payments of $200* at * Plus a $6.95 Processing Fee. Your booking is complete after a payment has been received.

Cancellation Policy

Sessions are non-refundable. To cancel please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. You have 72 hours before the session to reschedule after which it is considered a cancellation, and you will need to re-book the service completely. Thank you for understanding, Management

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