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Hey Sexy Thang,

I offer a variety of reiki experiences each with sliding scale payments available. 

Reiki healing is a safe, non-invasive form of healing that everyone can benefit from.   It has been effective in helping all illnesses. 

This session clears chakras and removes blockages, leaving you feeling light and aligned.


This is a 60min virtual reiki experience with sliding scale prices starting from $60.  To learn more and book, click here


This session clears chakras, provides guidance, clarity, and self-reflection leaving you feeling spiritually balanced and aligned.


This is a 60min reiki experience with a reading based on sliding scale prices starting from $75.  To learn more and book, click here.


In this session we'll send reiki healing energy to an ancestor. Healing ancestral wounds allow for the release of their trauma over your current life, thus healing 7 generations before and after you.

This is a 60min experience, $150.  To learn more and book, click here.


Interested in an aura clearing, cord cutting, or divination session? Select #1 Reiki and place in the booking comments your interest. Not sure what service fits you best? Have some questions? You can email me, here, or set up a free discovery call, here

I started working with Robin at a critical touchpoint in my spiritual journey. I was curious about reiki but was reluctant to try until I found a practitioner I was comfortable with - Robin is that practitioner. I came to them curious and open, and she created a safe space for me to open up to a new avenue for healing, connection, and exploration.

Nine, DC

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